Lavender Wands woven with rose pink ribbon fragrance with Lavender of Provence, France. The fragrance will last, giving a welcoming scent of calm, warmth and happiness.

Rose Lavender Wand

  • The Lavender Wand has a lasting fragrance.  Squeeze the wand which will release a beautiful fragrance of a Provençal summer.  Perfect to store in armoires or drawers to perfume the linens.
  • Contains 12 cookies individually wrapped, 1.4 oz. each
  • Consume within 8 to 10 days or freeze for up to four (4) months in a freezer safe container.
S Cookie_edited_edited_edited.jpg


CC Cookie_edited.jpg

Chocolate Chip

PB Cookie_edited.jpg

Peanut Butter

OR Cookie_edited.jpg



MW Cookie_edited.jpg

Maple Walnut


CCW Cookie_edited.jpg

Chocolate Chip